GEN Sullivan Letter


“Michael R. Dudley is an outstanding individual I’ve gotten to know and work with for many years. Mike had my old job as Announcer and Master of Ceremonies for The United States Army Band.

I believe Mike Dudley brings a set of highly transferable skills to the broadcasting world. I’ve had occasion to see Mike in action at places like Carnegie Hall in New York, and Symphony Hall in Boston, gracefully making sure that everything and everybody was at the right place at the right time, and that all would go as planned. His experience performing well under pressure, accepting responsibility, and encouraging teamwork, would make him a valuable part of any civilian team in or out of broadcasting. He is a very good man, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
-Charles Osgood, CBS News, New York


“I am pleased and proud to provide this recommendation on behalf of Sergeant Major (retired) Michael R. Dudley, an outstanding soldier and professional associate for 32 years. His military career has been followed by five successful years in the private sector where I have likewise had the opportunity to observe his performance and delivery of professional services on many key and important occasions here in the Nation’s Capital.

Since retirement, SGM Dudley has personified the ideals of the American Soldier in the public eye, with the highest standards of performance and totally selfless service. I am confident that he will continue to provide this same level of dedication and productivity to any organization he serves, adding immeasurably to the organizations successes and future growth. I offer these observations on his outstanding service, character and initiative based on my own 32 years serving at the highest levels of our Army and 24 successive years as a Corporate Senior Executive.”
– Carl H. McNair, Jr., Major General, U.S. Army (retired)